Monday, August 30, 2010

Ezine Articles

      Today I just got my approval from EZINE ARTICLES for the blog I submitted, "Ending It Sometimes is the Best Move: A Guide for Women About Men and Marriage." I just just got my EXPERT AUTHOR STATUS...and  it will appear on their high-traffic home page within 48 hours.

        They say when you create a blogsite, it should zoom down to a single topic or mood. This site is for my random thought, as fast at it changes and as fast as it locks in to something. The other website was on circles on human relationships, emotions and love in general..not deliberately yo be that.

      I smiled today, knowing that I qualified on something  internet writers engaged themselves with. I'm glad..inspired..ecstatic.


  1. Congratulation! I'm thinking to write one to submit but have never done it so far...

  2. tnx for replying..ive been blogging for a while now..but i haven't really tried earning from it..i just went over ur site.


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