Monday, August 23, 2010


          Yes, today was a sad day  for the Filipinos..when former Policeman Rolando Mendoza hostaged 22 tourists for his complain to be heard by the was a sad day that  ended in a was a sad day that innocents died because of this selfish plea..

           I am a proud Filipino..i am proud of where i come from and the culture i am in...but these instances make me so mad knowing that there are Filipinos who neglect the value of life just to avenge what he has been stripped off.. my personal grief is beyond words. I am a nurse..i am trained to understand people's actions and expressions...I am trained to assess first before diagnosing....trained to look at the reasons first before judging...but since when do we halt judging a person who happen to kill innocent people for personal reasons.

         And now, we are again the topic of the world..once again we become the most notorious and dangerous persons to be with...that our country is not worth visiting again. No matter how absurd the travel advisories of other countries matter how we defend that such is  AN ISOLATED matter how we will defend it, it will pin us to the ground as a nation again. When there are a lot of Filipinos giving their best and putting their hearts out  to give glory to the country even in their own simple ways...their efforts are pulled again.... just when a new government starts to clean up the mess of history...another trash act is for them to clean. This is the day when our hearts and pride are put on a test...

           I am not a perfect being nor a perfect Filipino but all i know is that we have absolutely NO right to take away another person's life even how unfair and cruel  to us the world seem to be .... there will be absolutely no reasons that will make it  less previous awards or compliments from others will  justify that.. It is inhuman to meanest sense of the word.

          I could have given that  policeman my sympathy , yes i could have supported him with all those rights and privileges he claims that  has been unjustly stripped from him . ..BUT  murdering those civilians whose main purpose was to experience the beauty of life is unacceptable .... all's left in me is disgust.

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