Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Related Learning Experience Fees and Legalities

     Learning Related Experience (RLE) is part of the nursing curriculum to ensure that the nursing students practice adequate amount of hours in the clinical area. In this given hours, the nursing students are expected to learn the several competencies in the field of nursing. The clinical areas deemed includes hospital, academe or community.

     The RLE corresponds fee paid for the instruction, the facilities, the clinical area and the clinical instructors. However, there has been legal turmoils in workplace where RLE has been a main topic. The fees are given to the clinical instructor if the semester includes RLE rotation for the students. All of these has been stipulated in the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Memo Order #14 Series of 2009 or  CMO #14. It stands in the premise as not paying RLE fees if no duties has been incurred.

    However, recently, there has been issues pertaining to such even in my workplace. Yes, apparently, the removal of the RLE Fee for this summer (2 months) will be financially stressful to us considering the amount is almost 50% of our basic pay.
    Now, if it has been stipulated in CMO#14 then we should have expected it. True.

    However, there was no notice of removal given nor notice to explain given which are vital elements of due process. In my personal account, the explanations prior to implementation was vague and indefinite. Just to our abyss, the final decision has been made before we were given  a day in the court to say our piece.

    And as much as we would keep things in subtle, the precipitating factor will give us the courage to seek legal assistance to keep what was given to us voluntarily and we have been receiving for years.

    The figures are seen in our payslips..each month..taxed.

    Yes it is now a benefit, therefore, it should NOT be taken.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Friends at work..

   I found this while i was making some space on my hard drive. I remember making this one when friends at work has already accepted other work offers from other countries. 

CAMOTES ISLAND - First Stop for Summer

                    A beautiful island in the northeast part of Cebu is where me and my friends are going to be this summer. On the 20th of April, we will explore everything the island has to offer.

                    It's 13 days to go for that. Sun and sand, game on!

Goal Met: 35th Pinning and Ringhop Ceremony

     And it was again a triumph for the College of Nursing of the Davao Doctors College to have these 416 nursing students place themselves a step closer to the culmination of their academic nursing life last 30th of March.

      These 416 vibrant nursing students just received their college pins which bears the seal of their alma mater, carrying with them all the teachings it has taught them. They have worn their college rings to further solidify their commitment to their alma mater and the nursing profession. Together with their parents, we have been witnesses to their quest for knowledge and skills until the attainment of these dreams.

      On a personal note, I have been proud of this batch for the achievements they have made inspite of changes implemented in the institution. As young as they are, they  have also proven that nurses work best even under pressure and works with commitment, competence and compassion.

          The Class 2011 was easier to manage considering the number of graduates or nursing students we had previous years. I met again another student whose heart stands for more than just pride for oneself but also for his mother, When Jomer Dalona was in my very eyes, practicing the speech that speaks for all of them..it has given me so much pride knowing that this school has produced such student. I remember Chiara Vergara and Tristan Zamora before, which I had the privilege to train delivering their piece, whose characters made me want them so much to succeed.  I rarely see brilliance and humility rolled into one but again, I saw it in my students. 

          The ceremony was a triumph for the College of Nursing, who has struggled more than what others see, in giving these students what they need. It was a triumph for the clinical instructors who aside from bombarding them of a lot of nursing facts, had to go beyond knowing these students just to understand their ways. In many ways, we have poked our noses even at their personal concerns, just to understand what makes them appreciate what we teach. It is a difficult task managing and teaching 10 students in the area or 50 students in a classroom and ensuring that they have sincerely understood the value of the competency we are teaching. It is a difficult task to set our own personal problems aside to aid perfect strangers in their dreams. We do not teach without caring if our students understood. Nursing is never taught that way, NOT in this institution. Caring for others is best seen in transcending the knowledge. 

        And as I see the fruits of my own labor and passion, as well my colleagues, I am proud to let them go and reach their dreams. Congratulations to the College of Nursing for the team work and dedicaton.  Congratulations to the Class of 2011. The whole journey was not all bed and roses as much as we wanted it to be. But on that day when we saw our students in their gala uniform with pins and wearing their rings, saw them smile and acknowledged our existence -- I could say "I have served my purpose well. ".