Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Related Learning Experience Fees and Legalities

     Learning Related Experience (RLE) is part of the nursing curriculum to ensure that the nursing students practice adequate amount of hours in the clinical area. In this given hours, the nursing students are expected to learn the several competencies in the field of nursing. The clinical areas deemed includes hospital, academe or community.

     The RLE corresponds fee paid for the instruction, the facilities, the clinical area and the clinical instructors. However, there has been legal turmoils in workplace where RLE has been a main topic. The fees are given to the clinical instructor if the semester includes RLE rotation for the students. All of these has been stipulated in the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Memo Order #14 Series of 2009 or  CMO #14. It stands in the premise as not paying RLE fees if no duties has been incurred.

    However, recently, there has been issues pertaining to such even in my workplace. Yes, apparently, the removal of the RLE Fee for this summer (2 months) will be financially stressful to us considering the amount is almost 50% of our basic pay.
    Now, if it has been stipulated in CMO#14 then we should have expected it. True.

    However, there was no notice of removal given nor notice to explain given which are vital elements of due process. In my personal account, the explanations prior to implementation was vague and indefinite. Just to our abyss, the final decision has been made before we were given  a day in the court to say our piece.

    And as much as we would keep things in subtle, the precipitating factor will give us the courage to seek legal assistance to keep what was given to us voluntarily and we have been receiving for years.

    The figures are seen in our payslips..each month..taxed.

    Yes it is now a benefit, therefore, it should NOT be taken.

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