Wednesday, June 30, 2010

almost gave up

I almost gave up blogging online, because my links just don't work on this page. I have opened sites how to fix the problem on my site , but none of them answered my queries. I had to take all the widgets out of my site.

It has bugged me for days.. I'm glad i had all the time today to fix it. My links worked again for some reason (lol!). Now I can continue blogging and promoting sites I love and trust for my friends and almost friends.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Something Cold to End the Duty

        There will always be times when you want to grab something really cold after duty. It has been 8 hours of busy work today from 3pm until 11pm. There were quite few unscheduled surgeries tonight, The Girl with the Dragon Tattooall were major cases. It had us up and walking for the whole shift. 

        Amidst the aircon and clean area, I craved for some ice cream after work. Probably another smoothie also. It was odd because it would probably be near midnight when my shift ends. I have been thinking of it, the moment I stepped inside the workplace. 
       I got what I wanted, of course. McDonald's was just near us, so, I stormed there right away and bought some delicious Sundae icecream for myself and McFlurry. This was definitely one best way of ending my duty for the week.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

funny things shoes teaches

I just did my first of 5 Day lecture today. It was a topic I have always been eager to teach my students and like the rest of the members in our team, I had my lecture materials prepared weeks before the BiG day.

I wore my favorite, black high heeled shoes to uplift the aura of professionalism during lecture classes. I do believe in "dressing well" creates a good impression that you are serious with your craft.

But apart from being ready was the failure to anticipate change in room assignments or failure to accept that I will be assigned in the room I would have least chosen. On that same day, I was startled with the idea turning into reality and it took me long to accept that my name was placed in the a room located on the fourth floor of the new building, 100 meters away from the main building I work.

But like the motto of performers, "the show must go on!"...well, in my case, "the lecture has to go on!". I swallowed my hesitation and tried to breathe normally again as I started trudging. The first travel, I had to describe in a such, was bearable even with the uneven ground.

Then I was confronted with the stairs of the new building comprising of 2 divisions per floor of 14 steps. Yes, I had to walk my way up for there were no elevators. I had my laptop and my LCD projector with me. But as soon as I entered the room and started my introductions, I had to go down again because one student was infected with Varicella that I had to endorse her to the clinic.

I had to go down and return to the main building.

Then I had to go back and up to my lecture room.

The feet was starting to feel pain. The lecture started 8am and lasted 5pm which meant I stood and walked several times across the room to deliver my lecture effectively to my students. There was no way I was going down the building to eat lunch.Thanks to my friend, Don, who was kind enough to bring me lunch. That was the best help I had for the day.

Then After my lecture, I had to go down the stairs and go back walking in heels again to the main building. It was agony, nearly bearable.

And if my feet could just run away from the battery and harrassment, it would have scrammed the moment I knew where my room was located.

Funny and childish the story this may sound, but it reminded meof being prepared at all times. It told me to always have a back-up plan. It reminded me that, in life, things will always be subject to change..and the best way to deal with it is to prepared at all times. In my case, no more dressing up with high heeled shoes for the rest of the lecture days. I was lucky that day to have even be able to walk down the stairs and go home.

Funny day it was..., that it had me ache for sooo much pain in my feet to know that again.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

YOUR TALK : It Matters

Patience is a virtue...that's what they say all the time..but there are instances that it's too damn hard to be patient. I had an encounter today with a person, who apparently was just doing his job ...for asking us our intentions to visit a place. It could have been okay, but what would you do if they make you feel that you're a no good person whose only purpose is to malign him and his job.

          And he could have just said to my aunt, the one who was just pull over where there was shade and asked for an ID. He could have just addressed us nicely.

        Maybe it was because of the heat of the sun..that i just blurted out without hesitation. The anger was too hard to contain..that patience was somehow a stranger to me.

        Then just proved to me that doing your job well includes being able to communicate nicely. I have always expected that to a lot of people, even if my beau says it shouldn't be the case.. that not all people have that prowess..

          I yet that i have to accept that fact.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pilipinas Got New President

Yes, we finally have our 15th President. President-elect Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III and  Vice President-elect Jejomar Binay were finally proclaimed triumphants of the recent elections.

They might not have been the choices of some Filipinos but we can't deny the fact that the new figures now symbolize hope again for the Filipino people. It's a new hope again for us to be able to have another chance of winning back the respect we have for ourselves.

The first 100 days will be crucial for this administration. Too soon it might be to say that, it is nice to see that this president is someone even his detractors think twice to malign in public. It is hard to throw stones on a person whose parents made this country the purpose of their existence. 

The politics in the Philippines is complicated. I wouldn't even want to lift a finger to describe it. But this new administration, interests me because the Filipinos ran to him with the hope that he might bring the democracy his mother (former President Corazon Aquino) upheld in her time and the decency in politics his father (Former Senator Benigno Aquino Jr.) mastered. He never denied that fact and to wherever he went, he always made sure that people are reminded of that. He remains to be a son, continuing a legacy. 

The surname AQUINO gives a new light even to persons like me, who almost gave up of hoping there will be a good and honest government in this country.. He might not have been as strong as his father was ...or as compassionate as his mother was...but he might be very careful not to put his parents name in vain. Which means, not getting in touch with corruption, oversized budget, illegal transactions and hidden appointments. I am hoping, this time, that such is indeed possible.

We lie low a little on being skeptic and give this man a chance like we did the start of PGMA's administration. Let him and his vice-president prove their worth first rather than stick to our candidates who didn't make it. Because no matter who our president is, as long as we don't accept things, move on and reconcile...our country will always be what we never wanted it to be. Hats off to Mr. Teodoro whose brilliance never faded despite his defeat.

 President Noynoy is a character yet to be seen and so will be the rest of his team. Hold your horses for now. And believe  (for once) that we,as a nation, can start again right and be back on track.

Monday, June 7, 2010

5 Secrets to Keep from Him

Oversharing can actually hurt your bond. here, what should stay on the low.
BY: Bethany Heitman

You tell your guy a ton, but it's a myth that divulging every detail equals a healthier union. "Even though you're part of a twosome, your relationship will thrive if you maintain a private side," says Marti Olsen Laney, PsyD, coauthor ofThe Introvert and Extrovert in Love. "Plus, some things might hurt your partner, so keeping them quiet prevents needless stress on your bond." Top relationship experts agree on the five most important secrets to keep from your guy.
1. Past Hookups 
He knows you didn't spend your days in a convent pre-him, but that doesn't mean he wants mental images of you getting frisky with old flames. Men may ask about other dudes, but what they're fishing to hear is that they're the best. Avoid lying by not answering questions about your sexual past. When he does dig, tell him he's the only one you can think about in bed.
2. How You Spend Your Money 
As long as you don't share funds, your boyfriend doesn't need to know where your dough goes. It stresses out guys to see you buy things they deem unnecessary — like clothes or shoes. The quick fix: When he compliments a dress, don't give him the rundown on where you got it and how much it cost. And if he asks, tell him it was waaay less than the big-screen TV he splurged on.
3. The Way You Feel About His Family 
Warning: Dissing his clan will do damage to your relationship. So even if his mom is Queen Bitch, keep your mouth shut. The minute you say something slightly negative, he will feel like you're making him choose between you and them and resent you for it. If they're truly awful, avoid being around them whenever you can.
4. Innocent Flirtations 
You love your guy, but that doesn't mean you can't chat up other men. In fact, being flirty is healthy as long as it doesn't go further. It may be tempting to brag that you still get male attention, especially if you feel your guy takes you for granted, but telling him about the neighbor who checks out your ass is just going to make him feel insecure. Keep quiet, and take pleasure in the fact that you've still got it going on.
5. What You Really Think of His Gift 
You're bound to get a few doozies from your guy. Instead of slamming him, find one good thing about each present. Men aren't superexpressive, so a gift is their way of saying they care. If you reject it, you reject him. Next time, drop hints so he gets you something you like — for example, mention a store you love.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wishful thinking -- Davao Rotating Black-out Ends

I woke up again up perspiring  because of another current black out (which again lasted for two hours). 

The country has been in this situation for several months now. And with the proclamation  of the new Philippine president this coming end of June, the ending of the black-outs is one of the many wishing thinking Filipino people hopes that this President fulfills.

It has been affecting all citizens, both private and in the business sector. Not to mention of course, the process that are forced to stop due to temporary ceasage of current.

So they say, it's a scheme to save electricity for the country. Hydroelectric plants are even forced to adhere to this strategy due to low water levels that enables the electric plants to generate electricity.

Tracing back the cause of the problem will be beneficial, however it does not answer the  problems causing the people now. Measures to   replace the shutting off electricity temporarily is a must. Even blaming the past government will not hold water for the meantime.

The eletricity black-outs has just got to just has to.

3D experience saved Shrek

          I have always been a Shrek fan..the latest movie on  this animation didn't exactly have the best story but it was better than the last one.
       SHREK FOREVER AFTER..however, it was the 3D version of the film that made  people go and kept them interested , despite of the the last Shrek review. It had me going also..and 3D does give animation and movies a different experience.
       The story was predictable. It has always been a story of somebody who missed being himself/herself because of love and that they didn't realize it until what was important to them was lost. And of course, it will always have a happy ending.

        Puss (not anymore in boots) was fat, and that was the only thing that was funny about him. And few minutes after his character was revealed, you would know that somehow, he would be wearing his boots again. as ever but I anticipated a longer scene of Donkey befriending Shrek. In this movie when Shrek went back to the past, Donkey didn't know him. Donkey remained terrified with Ogers, but only at the site of Shrek crying then he trusts this Oger again. Somehow, I was expecting a lot of funny struggles to resolve the trust issue.
        But for a first timer in was like watching cartoons for the first time. Davao just had cinemas in 3D and since the costs are too high (P250 per movie), people would rather choose the movies in non-3D. 
        Now I had my chance already, watching movies in 3D gives you a different feeling when watching movies, which was added of course by the chairs that shake each time monsters run (they're called SHAKER seats). It's definitely true that you become part of the movie  when u watch it them in 3D.

      With that.. Shrek was worth watching, especially in 3D.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Krispy Kreme donuts It is..

KRISPY KREME donuts are to die for!

Krispy kreme donuts are among the best selling donuts in the Philippines. It's the only thing i want any person to bring me if they go to manila for a conference, travel or something.

There's nothing better than a sweet donut, inside out. I prefer the new varieties though i had my cravings for ORiGINAL GLAZE DONUTS quite a long time. The best variety would be the NEW YORK CHEESECAKE. It's so delicious you would thank whoever invented this. It's loaded cheesecake filling topped with cream cheese icing and dusted with graham crackers. Even at one bite, one can taste the fullness of it's taste.

Taking the second spot would have to be CARAMEL Kreme Crunch...It is so mouthwatering that it will leave you wanting for more. It's filled with caramel-creme, dipped in choco icing and topped with toffee crunch. (Merely describing it makes me want it already)

In general...all of Krispy Kreme donuts are the Best ever. You can enjoy eating them with hot coffee, iced tea or even water.  Too bad, Krispy Kreme is not sold in never leave Manila without it.