Saturday, June 26, 2010

Something Cold to End the Duty

        There will always be times when you want to grab something really cold after duty. It has been 8 hours of busy work today from 3pm until 11pm. There were quite few unscheduled surgeries tonight, The Girl with the Dragon Tattooall were major cases. It had us up and walking for the whole shift. 

        Amidst the aircon and clean area, I craved for some ice cream after work. Probably another smoothie also. It was odd because it would probably be near midnight when my shift ends. I have been thinking of it, the moment I stepped inside the workplace. 
       I got what I wanted, of course. McDonald's was just near us, so, I stormed there right away and bought some delicious Sundae icecream for myself and McFlurry. This was definitely one best way of ending my duty for the week.

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