Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wishful thinking -- Davao Rotating Black-out Ends

I woke up again up perspiring  because of another current black out (which again lasted for two hours). 

The country has been in this situation for several months now. And with the proclamation  of the new Philippine president this coming end of June, the ending of the black-outs is one of the many wishing thinking Filipino people hopes that this President fulfills.

It has been affecting all citizens, both private and in the business sector. Not to mention of course, the process that are forced to stop due to temporary ceasage of current.

So they say, it's a scheme to save electricity for the country. Hydroelectric plants are even forced to adhere to this strategy due to low water levels that enables the electric plants to generate electricity.

Tracing back the cause of the problem will be beneficial, however it does not answer the  problems causing the people now. Measures to   replace the shutting off electricity temporarily is a must. Even blaming the past government will not hold water for the meantime.

The eletricity black-outs has just got to just has to.

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