Tuesday, July 27, 2010


It's like paradise in here..reminded me of a little part of boracay and palawan..(my brother says it's like batangas)...it's a perfect get-away for couples, friends and families...for people who would want to relax and enjoy the calmness of paradise.

The place is a 30minute ride from metro but trust me, the place is breathtaking..it's a beautiful resort at the center of a very well crafted subdivision...you can just go there for a day or overnight. The food and coffee is fabulous not to mention to mention the friendly staff who is ready to assist you.

The resort is open from mondays to sundays, 6am until 10pm. For those who would want to stay overnight, there are big huts provided for families located in a part near the resort. The place is good for children since there are amusement games and structures for them. The smell of fresh air in this place is priceless.

IT IS  paradise..one that i can brag about Davao.

the best of july 2010

(these are shots taken by my brother and my cuzin, Jesmon ..they are posted much on my storypix tab)

..but really, aside from this wedding being the best of this affair....at par to it was the fact the my family (on both sides) had the time to spend time and fun again ...

....that even how different and busy our present lives are, we are the same persons when we are together....

..that no matter how far each of us lives (by the new places or countries we dwell).....no new culture will change the way we call, tease and make fun of each other..

....that no matter how we matured individually, no matter how many years were taken from us...nothing will make us strangers from each other...and that we remain remembering where we all came from and how things were so simple before....

......and so long as we are family...and as many more will be part of us...we will always have each other, more than just company....=)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

now more head hurts

no matter how everyone in my workplace hide it (or it seems it has not been hidden), the cut-off in salary is posing threat to all of us...that as we think about it, one's head literally hurts just thinking how to make ends meet.

how much can you still give if what you receive is not enough to sustain your family's needs. how do you keep yourself inspired  to be able to inspire your students?  how long do you keep understanding your friends/co-workers of their deficiencies when supplementing will not make you live well...

how do you stop one's self from fighting what is lawfully due to them? this i can no longer answer...just hope that there is maturity in one's understanding that..it's not you as a person but the system that forces you to act defenseless?

and so ...we let go of childish ideals and face reality...and hope that amidst the measures to redeem ourselves (and our families) without sacrificing the quality of our work...we retain whatever we perceived as  special relationship -- i would still friendship.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

buying air mileage points

im recently into buying air mileage points...looking for people whose air mileage points are about to expire or people who have no plans of using them..these would be my offers:

Northwest WORLDPERKS or Delta SKYMILES >>> you get 13,000 pesos for every 30k miles.
Philippine airlines MABUHAY MILES >>> you get 14,000 pesos for every 30k miles.
- Cathay Pacific ASIAMILES OR MARCO POLO CLUB >>> you get 13,000 pesos for every 30k miles.
Singapore airlines KRISFLYER >>> you get 13,000 pesos for every 30k miles.
Continental airlines ONEPASS >>> you get 12,000 pesos for every 30k miles.
Emirates SKYWARDS >>> you get 16,000 pesos for every 45k miles.
- Air France/KLM FLYING BLUE >>> you get 16,000 pesos for every 45k miles.
United airlines MILEAGE PLUS >>> you get 14,000 pesos for every 30k miles.
Thai airways ROYAL ORCHID >>> you get 10,000 pesos for every 30k miles.
- Lufthansa MILES AND MORE >>> you get 16,000 pesos for every 45k miles.
- Qatar airways PRIVILEGE CLUB >>> you get 13,000 pesos for every 35k miles.
>> and many more!

If your mileage balance is below the expected as per above, talk to us so we can discuss and arrange the best way to use it.

joni          - 639228234673
celeste   - 639228611562

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

smiling at family

It's already morning and i couldn't sleep still remembering what happend in the last two weeks..i have been sharing the best events with family...

           I met my cousin eric for the first time, and i'm glad that even for 22 years of not seeing him..we were comfortable with each other..i am glad that he grew up not forgetting his roots..happy to see also his mom, my ever loving aunt ely
           I met kaye, my cousin's daughter, who was so adorable yet so dominating at the same time...very pretty little girl..and ate karren also, the pretty mom of kaye
                  I met again my aklan cousins..bong, ton (wth wife jenny) and bulog...who i always laugh with...
 And a lot of stuff also..too numerous to convey...
                all i know is i feel blessed and happy..