Sunday, July 25, 2010

now more head hurts

no matter how everyone in my workplace hide it (or it seems it has not been hidden), the cut-off in salary is posing threat to all of us...that as we think about it, one's head literally hurts just thinking how to make ends meet.

how much can you still give if what you receive is not enough to sustain your family's needs. how do you keep yourself inspired  to be able to inspire your students?  how long do you keep understanding your friends/co-workers of their deficiencies when supplementing will not make you live well...

how do you stop one's self from fighting what is lawfully due to them? this i can no longer answer...just hope that there is maturity in one's understanding's not you as a person but the system that forces you to act defenseless?

and so ...we let go of childish ideals and face reality...and hope that amidst the measures to redeem ourselves (and our families) without sacrificing the quality of our work...we retain whatever we perceived as  special relationship -- i would still friendship.

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