Tuesday, July 20, 2010

smiling at family

It's already morning and i couldn't sleep still remembering what happend in the last two weeks..i have been sharing the best events with family...

           I met my cousin eric for the first time, and i'm glad that even for 22 years of not seeing him..we were comfortable with each other..i am glad that he grew up not forgetting his roots..happy to see also his mom, my ever loving aunt ely
           I met kaye, my cousin's daughter, who was so adorable yet so dominating at the same time...very pretty little girl..and ate karren also, the pretty mom of kaye
                  I met again my aklan cousins..bong, ton (wth wife jenny) and bulog...who i always laugh with...
 And a lot of stuff also..too numerous to convey...
                all i know is i feel blessed and happy..

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