Tuesday, July 27, 2010

the best of july 2010

(these are shots taken by my brother and my cuzin, Jesmon ..they are posted much on my storypix tab)

..but really, aside from this wedding being the best of this affair....at par to it was the fact the my family (on both sides) had the time to spend time and fun again ...

....that even how different and busy our present lives are, we are the same persons when we are together....

..that no matter how far each of us lives (by the new places or countries we dwell).....no new culture will change the way we call, tease and make fun of each other..

....that no matter how we matured individually, no matter how many years were taken from us...nothing will make us strangers from each other...and that we remain remembering where we all came from and how things were so simple before....

......and so long as we are family...and as many more will be part of us...we will always have each other, more than just company....=)

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