Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pleasant Basic Medical Check-Up

     " The most pleasant place to have yourself undergo medical check-up." I confirmed that again yesterday as  I accompanied my cousin Jesmon today for his medical check-up at Davao Doctors Hospital. Since health costs cheaper here in the country, we wanted him to take advantage of it while he is here and get the best health service in the city.
         Today, I was not a clinical instructor for students on duty in this hospital. I was a mere patient's significant other or SO. I have no idea how the whole process will start so I went to Ma'am Jeck as soon as I saw her on the lobby. She's the one incharge of admitting patients and making sure that there are available rooms for them.
         I knew she didnt' know my name but she recognized me. She was kind enough to take me to Ma'am Osang, the one incharge of this check-up.  She was kind enough to accompany us from cashier, then laboratory than to Ultrasound area and Cardiac Diagnostic Center. She went with us until we were done.
         Everyone was really nice to us, her the most. This made me and my cousin impressed of the hospitals accommodation to patients. This, I believe, is not the same with other hospitals, so I heard.We could have done it on our own but she did not let us. And the in-charge of the different departments we went was kind also to us, considering they have a lot of patients as well.
          It is in the people that comprises the institution that  makes the whole health care different. Quality healthcare means personal touch with the patients. I have kept bragging that today. And until we were done with the last test, Ma'am Osang was with us.
          Yes,I admit that the costs here are higher than the rest but I believe that patients come back because  the nurses know how make them comfortable.

         I can only hope for good results tomorrow.

Davao Doctors Hospital offeres Basin Medical Check-up at P 4400.00. This includes the following tests:

1. CBC, Plt and Hct :
        a) RBC will determine amount of Hgb in the blood,
        b) WBC -  increased when infected or prone to infection (decrease)
        c) Platelet (Plt)  will determine if patient has coagulation or clotting problems.
        d) Hematocrit (Hct)  is the percentage of blood volume that is occupied by red blood cells
2. USD of pancreas, gall bladder and kidneys
3)Chest Xray
4) ECG tests
5) Urinalysis and Fecalysis

 Each patient is instructed not to eat or drink the night prior to your exam.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Nurse and the IELTS

       The International English Language Testing System is only one of the tests every Filipino nurse will have to take to be able to work outside the country. The tests comprises 4 competencies which the nurse has to pass for her to be able to prove that she can work and communicate effectively in the country she aims to be. These 4 competencies are writing, reading, listening and speaking the English language. Each of them
        My IELTS exam is scheduled today for speaking in English  and the other 3 competencies (Writing, Listening and Reading) will be on Saturday. My ability to communicate verbally will be tested today as it will test my ability to deal with people in a foreign country.
        This week,I reviewed on my grammar and ability to convey a message. In the test for speaking,  the manner of starting and keeping a conversation matters. All the gestures that comes in speaking my mind will also matter such as the use of facial expressions and hand movements.
        I have been a Clinical Instructor for 5 years but I still feel butterflies in my stomach when taking these tests. I  just hope to keep focused and be relaxed in the whole experience. I believe, the key to a good conversation is being sincere with one's thoughts and merely enjoy opening up to another person.
         I have 3  hours to go before the "big thing". I might as well read some information on current evens and reflect to personal preferences such as music or hobby. Knowing the various interest I have and the numerous emotions that every nurse has developed in her work, I need to focus on one or two ideas and be able to elaborate on them.  I believe, that is the  best strategy in answering personal questions or statements that requires one's opinion.