Life in Pictures

JULY 2010

the wedding of my sister, Jodee, was one of the best things that happened this year..both families from my mom and dad went home..i met my cousins again and some i met for the first time...but the distance didn't matter or th different manner we were raised..together, we enjoyed each other and the best of Davao has to offer..

...the feeling is still beyond words as i recall each and everyday i was with family...
..i will always be happy and proud to have mine....

This is Villa de Mercedes in Davao.
 It's an hour drive from the metro. This is  a clubhouse on an exclusive village but since the place has been made with so much art and drama, it has become popular in a short time.

The pool was made to simulate the feeling of being in a beach. The food is great and affordable. Great scenery is what also the place offers. Come visit this place. It opens at 8am but closes early at night (10pm).

..BORACAY will always be the best get-away placed in the Philippines. 
My friends at work and I had the chance to use our leave privilege and enjoy the was definitely a blast...

it actually didn't matter who i wanted to spend the vacation with, i really needed a breath of fresh air..and i was more than happy that  i enjoyed the magnificent beach of BORACAY with 3 of the prettiest and nicest friends at work (EDEN, WYKENIE and ATE MAY)..


                                                                          BEACH CASTLE