about me

I'm a nurse by profession:
          My passion includes taking care of people..knowing the faculties that build their physical being and understand it's needs. I am a lover of life and wants to enjoy life to the fullest. I intend to spread that to anyone i encounter. 

I am a Clinical Instructor
           I teach students the discipline and value of my calling, my  profession. I believe that Nursing remains to be a VOCATION. I intend to keep that thought in my students. The biggest reward is being able to see your patient in his/her most comfortable state after your care (does not even happen with a smile from the patient or watchers at most times).Trust me, such experience is priceless.
                  And  seeing my students understand that by heart is my contentment. 

        I am born and bred in Davao. I am an Assumptionista and an ISKA from the University of the Philippines- MIndanao with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics major in Operations Research.  I got my BSN degree from Brokenshire College and my Masters degree in Liceo de Cagayan. This city has a lot to offer, from business, schools, tourism, nature, vacation, good food and good people.  I would like the readers to know how beautiful and peaceful Davao is. The City of Durian is definitely worth visiting.

I am serious at times
         I don't believe in mediocrity..in being normal and average.I believe that we are always given one chance to experience everything.. that we should always give life our best shot..and that we should excel even in fields that we thought we didn't belong. It is in this that we can give justice to the gifts  given to us. Humility is what we learn when failure is inevitable..and that i think, is the greatest learning of all...

I am a Blogger               

           Writing has always been my interest and passion eversince i understood what it is. From the basics of pencil and papers to  blogging in the internet. I blog everything I encounter in life. I keep these thoughts here  to influence and reach other people's lives.

"My thoughts are my ID and my emotions are my SUPEREGO."

email me: tagiguapa@yahoo.com