Sunday, June 6, 2010

3D experience saved Shrek

          I have always been a Shrek fan..the latest movie on  this animation didn't exactly have the best story but it was better than the last one.
       SHREK FOREVER AFTER..however, it was the 3D version of the film that made  people go and kept them interested , despite of the the last Shrek review. It had me going also..and 3D does give animation and movies a different experience.
       The story was predictable. It has always been a story of somebody who missed being himself/herself because of love and that they didn't realize it until what was important to them was lost. And of course, it will always have a happy ending.

        Puss (not anymore in boots) was fat, and that was the only thing that was funny about him. And few minutes after his character was revealed, you would know that somehow, he would be wearing his boots again. as ever but I anticipated a longer scene of Donkey befriending Shrek. In this movie when Shrek went back to the past, Donkey didn't know him. Donkey remained terrified with Ogers, but only at the site of Shrek crying then he trusts this Oger again. Somehow, I was expecting a lot of funny struggles to resolve the trust issue.
        But for a first timer in was like watching cartoons for the first time. Davao just had cinemas in 3D and since the costs are too high (P250 per movie), people would rather choose the movies in non-3D. 
        Now I had my chance already, watching movies in 3D gives you a different feeling when watching movies, which was added of course by the chairs that shake each time monsters run (they're called SHAKER seats). It's definitely true that you become part of the movie  when u watch it them in 3D.

      With that.. Shrek was worth watching, especially in 3D.

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