Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pilipinas Got New President

Yes, we finally have our 15th President. President-elect Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III and  Vice President-elect Jejomar Binay were finally proclaimed triumphants of the recent elections.

They might not have been the choices of some Filipinos but we can't deny the fact that the new figures now symbolize hope again for the Filipino people. It's a new hope again for us to be able to have another chance of winning back the respect we have for ourselves.

The first 100 days will be crucial for this administration. Too soon it might be to say that, it is nice to see that this president is someone even his detractors think twice to malign in public. It is hard to throw stones on a person whose parents made this country the purpose of their existence. 

The politics in the Philippines is complicated. I wouldn't even want to lift a finger to describe it. But this new administration, interests me because the Filipinos ran to him with the hope that he might bring the democracy his mother (former President Corazon Aquino) upheld in her time and the decency in politics his father (Former Senator Benigno Aquino Jr.) mastered. He never denied that fact and to wherever he went, he always made sure that people are reminded of that. He remains to be a son, continuing a legacy. 

The surname AQUINO gives a new light even to persons like me, who almost gave up of hoping there will be a good and honest government in this country.. He might not have been as strong as his father was ...or as compassionate as his mother was...but he might be very careful not to put his parents name in vain. Which means, not getting in touch with corruption, oversized budget, illegal transactions and hidden appointments. I am hoping, this time, that such is indeed possible.

We lie low a little on being skeptic and give this man a chance like we did the start of PGMA's administration. Let him and his vice-president prove their worth first rather than stick to our candidates who didn't make it. Because no matter who our president is, as long as we don't accept things, move on and reconcile...our country will always be what we never wanted it to be. Hats off to Mr. Teodoro whose brilliance never faded despite his defeat.

 President Noynoy is a character yet to be seen and so will be the rest of his team. Hold your horses for now. And believe  (for once) that we,as a nation, can start again right and be back on track.

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