Sunday, June 13, 2010

YOUR TALK : It Matters

Patience is a virtue...that's what they say all the time..but there are instances that it's too damn hard to be patient. I had an encounter today with a person, who apparently was just doing his job ...for asking us our intentions to visit a place. It could have been okay, but what would you do if they make you feel that you're a no good person whose only purpose is to malign him and his job.

          And he could have just said to my aunt, the one who was just pull over where there was shade and asked for an ID. He could have just addressed us nicely.

        Maybe it was because of the heat of the sun..that i just blurted out without hesitation. The anger was too hard to contain..that patience was somehow a stranger to me.

        Then just proved to me that doing your job well includes being able to communicate nicely. I have always expected that to a lot of people, even if my beau says it shouldn't be the case.. that not all people have that prowess..

          I yet that i have to accept that fact.

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