Tuesday, June 22, 2010

funny things shoes teaches

I just did my first of 5 Day lecture today. It was a topic I have always been eager to teach my students and like the rest of the members in our team, I had my lecture materials prepared weeks before the BiG day.

I wore my favorite, black high heeled shoes to uplift the aura of professionalism during lecture classes. I do believe in "dressing well" creates a good impression that you are serious with your craft.

But apart from being ready was the failure to anticipate change in room assignments or failure to accept that I will be assigned in the room I would have least chosen. On that same day, I was startled with the idea turning into reality and it took me long to accept that my name was placed in the a room located on the fourth floor of the new building, 100 meters away from the main building I work.

But like the motto of performers, "the show must go on!"...well, in my case, "the lecture has to go on!". I swallowed my hesitation and tried to breathe normally again as I started trudging. The first travel, I had to describe in a such, was bearable even with the uneven ground.

Then I was confronted with the stairs of the new building comprising of 2 divisions per floor of 14 steps. Yes, I had to walk my way up for there were no elevators. I had my laptop and my LCD projector with me. But as soon as I entered the room and started my introductions, I had to go down again because one student was infected with Varicella that I had to endorse her to the clinic.

I had to go down and return to the main building.

Then I had to go back and up to my lecture room.

The feet was starting to feel pain. The lecture started 8am and lasted 5pm which meant I stood and walked several times across the room to deliver my lecture effectively to my students. There was no way I was going down the building to eat lunch.Thanks to my friend, Don, who was kind enough to bring me lunch. That was the best help I had for the day.

Then After my lecture, I had to go down the stairs and go back walking in heels again to the main building. It was agony, nearly bearable.

And if my feet could just run away from the battery and harrassment, it would have scrammed the moment I knew where my room was located.

Funny and childish the story this may sound, but it reminded meof being prepared at all times. It told me to always have a back-up plan. It reminded me that, in life, things will always be subject to change..and the best way to deal with it is to prepared at all times. In my case, no more dressing up with high heeled shoes for the rest of the lecture days. I was lucky that day to have even be able to walk down the stairs and go home.

Funny day it was..., that it had me ache for sooo much pain in my feet to know that again.

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