Tuesday, August 10, 2010

CRABS at C-TRES Buffet

         We spent our weekend dinner at C-TRES Buffet restaurant. I wanted to treat them with my extra cash with one of the sought buffet restaurants in town, C-TRES Restaurant. They serve also unlimited delicious Crabs (fried). The other food served were also very delicious you wouldn't want to stop. I ate something like cordon blieu that was so tasteful that I didnt notice i filled my plate with it.

       The desserts for that night was also as good as the rest of the food. C-Tres is one best place to spend meals with families and friends. You can take your visitors and Davao will have a good impression with it.

         Try Dining at C-Tres which combines soothing elegant ambiance, good food and affordability ( P 299 per person). The dining experience will be truly extra-ordinary.

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  1. hi mam this is from ctres , thanks for your compliments!! I am very happy to hear people gives very good impression on our restaurant..hope you will come back one of this days and introduced yourself to me, thank
    you very much!!


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