Sunday, August 29, 2010

One Goal.One Heart.One Nursing Team

            Yesterday, the college celebrated 'Nursing Day". It was one of those days you get to relax from a strenuous routine and just be happy. 
            I may not share the same sentiments with my colleagues, but it is in this time that I get to see the real personality of my students. I get to see the other gifts they possess. I get to again be in awe of the creativity they have. It is in these that i cannot help thinking again of my school days. We all had our chances, mine was the best for me..but for someone whose life majored in schooling, i get a pang of jealousy seeing a life infront of me whose only worries are the pressures of putting up a good entry in a competition.  
           I have had a lot of students..i have shared most of my professional life with them and gave a mountful of my heart as well. Seeing these students excel in another side of their lives is inspirational to me. Knowing some of students in the best ability they have ,sometimes more than their parents have seen, is an honor for me. It gives another meaning of living specially for me who still in my quest to make a family.These nursing students will always be unique in their own way.           
              The day was a celebration of life and blessings and the nursing course was a day to remember that we are ONE in heart...that we have ONE GOAL..and we are ONE TEAM out there to defend what we have. The presentations made gave me the idea that this batch will not be easy to beat. Even those classes i deemed underdogs in school presentations, had me speechless and jaw dropped proving me wrong. The essence of teamwork...the magnificence it brings and the impressions it breaks made a point very clear to me.
           I salute these students for having still the hearts of a warrior, an artist..and a nurse. It is when i see them that i forget the professional pressures and drama of my is when i see them that I forget how struggling we are with what is laid for us is when i see them that i smile and see what my worth is.

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  1. Happy Nursing Day! I work at a medical center also. Would like to hear some interesting stories :)


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