Sunday, August 1, 2010


   I have always loved writing and often blogs about almost everything that I like and I find fascinationg. I recently signed up with SocialSpark in my interest for online paid blogging. My friends told me about this and  not only they were able to meet new friends, they were also able earn enough to finance their education and help their parents.

     I’d like to earn from doing what I love doing  and that’s blogging. And as soon as I browsed the whole of SocialSpark, I just knew that I found my opportunity.  I signed up without hesitation and the process was definitely easy. But I was wondering if someone who doesn’t have  a website can register an account. As I browsed everything on its page, it got more interesting and challenging. It was more than just interest for me, it was learning as well.

     Then I discovered SocialSpark has  a lot of members, who I share the same interest.  The thought of meeting them and exchange views perhaps, excites me. I’d love to take some points from those who has been really long in this and learn from  their experience. Blogging  shows the type  of person you are.

    I am at my best when I am happy with what I’m doing. I’d like to explore  the rest of SocialSparks. It has been consistently interesting for me. Now I have my account made easily, I am ready to do some blogging. Ciao! 

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