Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Miss Raj, The Philippines and The Crabs

And the Filipino nation triumphed again after a hard fall as our beauty representative won over 83 other contestants across the universe as 4th placer. Indeed.  the victory of Ms. Raj is victory of our country.

Yes, we needed a miracle from the horrific tragedy that transpired a day before the pageant. We needed superheroes not to physically rescue us but to uplift our spirits. But those heroes live only in our minds, and not even the President was fast enough to make us cheer and smile again as we can continuous view footages of the hostage drama.

Ms. Venus Raj, made us forget even for a while our trauma. Whether we admit it or not, the anticipation of her quest made us focus on our assets and abilities as Filipinos  beyond the rest. And her inclusion to every category, made us proud of what we have..even what we look like. Pageants has always been bias...it has always been anchored to standards we are not born to live up..it has hailed physical features which we are never born with...but to be able to swim in those waters and emerge the best in their own grounds is something worth applauding. It's a competition...and it's not like, being one of them is perfection...but playing in their fields..defeating them in their own grounds is  one hell of a character. And as Filipinos, she proved that we are definitely a nation that can stand tall and proud with the rest of the nations.

The moments her name was called was the time all Filipinos were one in spirit. Yes,  we were so proud that we are who and what we are. I give her salute for being the hero every Filipino, across the universe, wanted so bad when other nations has blocked us from their grounds. If there was something else i could do for her rather than blog proud, trust me I would. It is not everyday that we see a nation bleed much and stand tall the next. 

This blog would have been something that recognizes her but NO, coz part of my thoughts zoom in to those CRABS i refer to each time we gain success or a fellow does. When do we learn to appreciate what one gets..without lambasting his/her weaknesses. What's the fuzz about the "MAJOR MAJOR"  answer? She might have had given a better answer, but what she gave was what she felt saying...it was an honest answer..maybe not enough to the judges, but it was for hers. Why don't we just let it be...yes we can notice but to actually react and seemingly condemn is absurd. You are the stupid person you are calling her. Pardon me for that.

Then if that line was said by another candidate, someone whose main language is English...i ask those crabs, "would you react the same way?" Poor crabs..always putting themselves in pedestals not knowing the more you react on the country's bet, the more you push  the country in bad light. It's funny how much they desperately push themselves into other culture where obviously they don't belong. Can you imagine a country whose own people criticizes their own candidate across all social networks, and worst on TV interviews?

I will never understand that. I remain proud of my heritage and my nation, no matter what condition it is in. It needs our help and those who have helped the country needs support as well. We can do that.. we can beat those crabs. We are our country's best support system. I  have high hopes that there are a lot still that the country can count on. I really do.

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