Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thoracotomy and Enjoying Operating Rooms

         At last, i have been assigned to be in the Operating Room. It has been 5 months now, and for the many times i have been marveled and awed by what I witness, it is just now that i blogged. The many things one could just imagine, is right before my eyes. And it has been "usual" already but the existence of such faculties never cease to amaze me.

        Like last weeks surgery was Thoracotomy. But in the many instances that I have witnessed such, it has always left me dazzled how the human body can be opened, the patient's chest for that surgery, without damaging other vital organs. That , when the chest right cavity was opened (which made abdominal cavity visible as well), you could actually see  the liver, diaphragm rise and fall as  the patient breathes. 
         It was like choreography at it's finest but we're not talking of a dance...it's real teamwork. The anesthesiologist, surgeon, nurses and students were so fast and careful..a vital thing for survival of a patient who know and feel nothing of what is done to him.
        And that amidst the opening, incising, cutting, suturing..it returned to it normal form once again..and much important, to it's normal functioning. 
       O well, i maximize what i see everyday and learn from it. It will always interest me as long as i'm there.

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