Sunday, September 12, 2010

First Scratch

     Finally, i learned how to drive along the streets of the metro. So, this is what they say about the euphoria of driving..the sudden urge to pick up some was definitely tempting. But good thing, my superego was too controlling that i couldn't do least not this time.

    I scratched my side today, while parking. Ugh. Wrong estimates this time and yet i chose a method I thought i was comfortable of. Good thing it was minor, but believe that i would have pursued since i didn't hear sound i imagined similar to such. Thanks to my mom who told me to stop/

    The feeling is weird. This everyday adventure i believe, trains you to be more responsive, more alert, highten some initiative and fast deciding...yup i always get much on what i venture in..and believe me, i can turn driving into something very noble (lol!).

     I have the feeling I am soon writing some "10 things" about it...funny, but probably will. Tomorrow is another day. Another venture and plot making on the streets again. I'll be ready for that again.


  1. hi liezl ni. ga-blog sad diay ka :) i saw ur site sa imo twitter account. keep blogging :)

  2. hi zel..lagi..pero i don't earn from this..pde patudlo how to earn from this..=)


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