Sunday, September 19, 2010

Monday Renewal

       Duty last monday in the Emergency room has again posed some realizations about life. I had one patient dead on arrival an hour after i just timed in for duty. This wasn't new for me...but everytime i am in such situation, i always realize how easy our lives can be taken away from us.

       The person suffered a heart attack probably earlier the time he was found. Nobody noticed it since he looked like he was sleeping. Had he been sleeping on his back, it would have been obvious..but he wasn't. Not until somebody shook him hard to wake up and turned him around that it was known that a tragic thing had occurred.

       Life is short..and we don't know when it will be taken away from us. It's too short to live it   worthlessly. Now, i realize again that it's useless to be greedy, angry , bitter all the time. This is  what you realize much  when you look at a dead person's face.... that even  money will not be able to give back life once it gone. This will make you look back at all the things you have and people that surrounds you...then you begin feeling thankful to be able still to experience all of them.

       Living is always a choice and happiness is. It is always in us how to spend our lives. Life is short...but we wish to live for a long time for the people we love and who loves us. Love makes us want to live longer.
      I'm a renewed person again.


  1. hi joni. i dont know if you're still familiar with me. we used to go the same school. you were classmates with my brother john aris jumawan. anyways, glad to see you again in FB and here.

  2. hi there..i checked your profile, i do recognize u. And i remember john aris too. glad to meet you here again..take care


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