Sunday, May 30, 2010

Masters Degree in Nursing: FINALLY!

Okay..the degree they say is for my workplace's accreditation...some say it's for professional growth..others took it just to keep their job..some to escape the dean's memo...and a few out of boredom...

But regardless of what the reasons are..the experience (to many) brought genuine friendships....the schooling is one way of knowing who the workmates is knowing who is really good beyond they pretend to be..seeing who breakdown from stress ... knowing each person beyond the white uniforms that make us who our students regard us to be..

The sunday classes..brought weird but strong friendships...ties that bond us more with our work..made us understand each habits..made us work in unison well beyond the diversities....

Pity are those who end up having the degree with broken friendships..or worse, having no friends at all....i believe each of the batches bonded in a way they didn't even imagine...and didn't expect.. 

They say..the fastest way for someone to get burned out with work is to actually be predictable...

Try taking Masters Degree in Nursing..and the experience will be far from routinary !!

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