Sunday, May 30, 2010 NIGHT

3 days and 2 night...with storm forecasts...BOracay still soars..

Nestea IceTea Volleyball was there..stars and players were there...Mossimo bikini competition was starting to set-up...

The island offered a wide variety of was never a problem there...even budget..there were bbq stands all over the island for quick grabs..

The shores were filled with speakers and bean bags (by cuervo) and people whose energy you will feel even if you close your will see that in BOracay station 1.

Two bars offer 10 mixed drinks shooters competition...a very tempting challenge..dose who dared had their names walled...

the hotels were filled with people...dancing and shouting...well for station 2 of Boracay

Station 3 is the calmer one..didn't stay there for long...


  1. Yeah, white sand.. Loved it. May bayad ba pag nagpapicture ka at nagpalagay ng name sa castle??

    Tanya Gemarin

  2. actually, wala talagang bayad..pero there is a can for you to give any amount you ant for the efforts in building the sand castles..


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