Sunday, May 30, 2010


BORACAY is the best get-away place for people whose preference of relaxation shifts as fast as breathing is....there will always be a spot for those who seeks calmness..much more for those who seek the noise of woofers till morning...

For clinical instructors who devote most of their energy and emotion in teaching kids who aren't in their bloodline...another worLd such as a rewarding gift for remind us that we have to start loving and pampering ourselves first before we do that to our students...

After all...LIFE is short..enjoy it with friends and family....when do you plan to try it, when we aren't physically fit anymore?

enjoyment is subjective..but try the might be something you didn't expect that you wanted for a long time...
Location: ..bora..

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  1. Cool, mataas ba talaga ang nararating ng parasailing???

    Tanya Gemarin


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