Saturday, December 10, 2011

Quit Smoking Quitting Cancer

According to a study sponsored by the U.S. National Cancer Institute that a number of diagnosed cancer patient decided not to cease smoking gaining support from the significant others despite of the danger it could bring.
 Ancient Egypt believed that Cancer was caused by gods. Early recording shows that in 1500 B.C., the oldest case of cancer was documented in Egypt. The said recording on a papyrus showed how they discover ways on how to differentiate malignant from benign tumors.

Nowadays, a number of researches are being done in order to find ways in preventing its occurrence or to promote and improve quality of life despite of being diagnose of having such disease.

In 2008, WHO listed Trachea, bronchus, lung cancers as the top 8 caused of death in the world. Despite of the effort of health care advocate in eradicating and finding means in order to lessen its mortality and occurrence it is still considered one of the caused of fatality.

Somehow considering the Theory of Nola Pender on Health Education that Disease Prevention and Promotion of Wellness should be the top priority before Curing illness.

One of the topmost causes of cancer is cigarette smoking. In a factsheet presented by the National Cancer Institute it has been found out that 7,000 chemicals can be found in a stick of a tobacco cigarette and 250 of these chemicals are considered harmful to human body.

In the same fact sheet, it has been known that there are 69 chemicals which one can have from cigarette smoking. Facts will show that both smokers and smokers could be harm by such chemicals.

What are the possible gains if a diagnosed patient would decide to stop or avoid smoking?

Maybe it would be too difficult to explain and convince that these gains are true. Cessation to smoking would mean there will be a decreased risk or prevention of secondary complication to cancer; respiratory tract will be free from any obstruction leading to easier breathing, in relation to easier breathing, circulation would be better and oxygen distribution to the entire body will be guaranteed, and of course the treatment will be more effective and Neoplastic medication will be more efficient.

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