Sunday, December 4, 2011

Are You Eating Cancer?

        Most experts  say that  cancer  occurs  due to poor dietary habits. This means that people prone to eating without consideration of its kind or contents are prone to having cancer. About 35% or a quarter of the total number of cancer mortality cases has been associated to poor diet as the primary cause. Furthermore, researches say high fat diet has increased the risk to cancer.

       Fat intake is highly  related to emergence of cancer.  Low Density Lipid  (LDL) is needed for a cancer cell to grow. While one is enjoying a high fat diet from fast food, for example, there is an increase production of bile which is necessary in the digestion of fat. The over production of bile will cause congestion in the large intestine that could be converted to a Apcholic Acid,  a proven carcinogen. Without one knowing, the higher they are inclined to such comfort foods, the higher their risk of having cancer.

       Therefore, it is just right to think twice on being smart in choosing our diet. Meals taken should be well planned and balanced in terms of nutrition. Now there are some thoughts to ponder when planning what to eat.

      Good Fat versus Bad Fat.  Too much of everything is not good. A principle applying on our choice of food. Fat is also an essential component but  should be taken in moderation. Good fats include oils that can be found in fish, seafood, and legumes. These types of oil are proven to decrease the risk of having a cancer especially on women who are at risk for breast cancer. 

      Keeping Fiber Alive. High fiber diet guarantees effective elimination. With effective elimination, carcinogens has less contact with the intestinal wall which then lessens the risk for developing cancer. Fiber enables the  growth of good bacteria in the intestines inhibiting growth of carcinogens in the intestine.

     Strength of Antioxidants. It is necessary to ensure that the immune system is always healthy. One of the most effective way of boosting the immune system is eating foods rich in antioxidants. They will  serve as buffer that prevents harmful radicals from destroying healthy cells. Antioxidants will convert these harmful radical into a waste products which will be eliminated in the body.

      It is best to plan diet with your physician if you have been diagnosed to have cancer.We are what we eat so we should plan it well. A cancer-free life is a life lived well.

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