Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bidding Goodbye to CI Friends in Tears


              (Thanks to Ma'am Lourdes Pastoriza for the effort to compile the images to speak what we have been through for the past days.)

It has been heavy for me to see the people from workplace to leave all of a sudden. The entry of new management and the sudden downfall of nursing enrollees have affected much the college that it had to resort to cost-cutting measures. We have seen this coming but sudden change of events made an organized planning result to something more than chaotic. The gloom was not because of the measure, it was because of the manner of implementation and the untimely order.

To go back to the story, will hurt me again. I have been bestfriends with some of the CI's leaving, and even considered them family. I will miss the company of Ktine Pedreso, Ate Malu Serrano and Ken Sabido badly. I will always be grateful for being there at times that I seem grasping to breathe.  I will miss a dear friend, Jim Ofonda, who has helped much the College of Nursing in giving the best ceremonies which the nursing students deserve. I  will miss the times that we poured our hearts out in ceremonies over a beer and ..o well, beer.

I will miss the rest of the CIs who, in one way or the other,  have helped me respect my discipline. I may have had clashes with the others, but I believe that the best of what I am now is also because of them.

I will always be thankful for them who allowed me to comfortable with them, share laughter with them, even allowed me bullying them for clean fun. I will aways be grateful for them, who I shared strengths with in our quest of giving the best to our students.  I will always treasure the friendship we shared amidst the difference in maturity, opinions and lifestyle.

Then, I will miss the old lair.. the Nursing faculty room, where all of us meet and breathe from a tiring hospital duty or classroom lecture. It will now house other educators. I will miss what we had dearly.. it will never be home again.

"How can we get through this effectively?"...taking the words of Louie Dagangon ..THAT will be a thought for us to ponder as the new sem begins.

We bid goodbye and good luck.... to our Dean Linell Malimbag, Assistant Dean Danilyn Isidor, RLE Supervisors Rose Barza, Jim Ofonda, Rachel Cornites, Galacio Luciano and Paolo Santos, Clinical Coordinator Mam Leah Arrangues..and to the Clinical Instructors who went out last April 20 and availing the early retirement offer. (these are the CIs seen on the late part of the video)

And lastly to the12 CIs who recently had been categorized as redundant...the DDC College of Nursing will not be the same again.

          Balmores           Suello  
          Estalani              Castillo    
          Serrano              Sabido  
          Estrada               Gacusana  
         Arrangues             Alfaras
          Cabradilla           Branzuela

     I wish these colleagues the best of life. We all have our own reasons for leaving and for staying. We may not be close with all of those who are leaving but we cannot deny the fact that each of them is a part of what we are today.. that our disciplines are crafted because we worked as a team.

      The respect and friendship among us is something they will never be able to take away from us , no matter how much others project that they share the same with us and no matter how great others think of themselves. 

       God bless colleagues.. see you around.


  1. I will be leaving with a heavy heart, but i will never forget to turn back- to where i started a new chapter of my life 5 years ago. It was then that i was trying to find myself.And teaching in Davao Doctors College had been an avenue for new opportunities, new relationships, new learnings- A New Life.

    Every day in my life as a Clinical Instructor will be remembered, all memories good and bad will be always be a part of me in making me a better and stronger person.

    Students' respect contributed to the development of confidence, and their trust inspired me to meet their expectations.

    To my colleagues- working relationships may never be all so good and smooth,but still we have created an atmosphere of understanding each other, in whatever situation we habe been into.

    And to the people I have developed a very close relationship with,the thought of not seeing you everyday, makes leaving more heavy. Working with you everyday - from every clasrroms during team teaching,, eating breakfast, snacks ,lunch, together, doing make up in the rest room, taking a nap in the lounge,lining up for the bundy clock, and all the talking that happens in all
    our activites. These, I will be missing so much.

    It would be another life, apart from you. But surely, each of you have made an impact in my life and each will always have a special place in my heart.

    Thank you, and see you around!


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