Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bidding Goodbye to Friends on a New Semester

    And a new semester again opens for us...but this time, sadness has finally sank.Twenty three (i think) of the friends left the premises of the workplace for something better or something "breather" for them. And in that 23 individuals are close friends who once in a while, i laughed my hearts out with, raged my anger with and cried my tears as well. I will remember these people who have made my work very seemingly "stress-free" and worthy of being looked forward each day.

              Like they say, nothing is permanent in this world...whatever you have now that makes you happy might not be there for you tomorrow. For us who are left, i look back to the reason for staying. I look back still seeing the same reason..the vocation to teach and the comfort of being with people you are happy with. But this reason is to be held real tight for it comes with a financial disadvantage, as much as we don't want to think about it.

                 But seriously, we are in a new semester hoping to give what is left with us to our students. We continue in our quest to mold young nurse individuals inspite of our own personal turmoils. I look at us and see friends that still make the workplace the best place for my persona. I don't entertain  negativism nomatter how strong they are and no matter how apt they are for the moment I do, it will cease everything I have held high for long.

    There will always be mixed as juggled as ever. I see the same people, and a system bruised and struggling to stand.    

     I see a community with diverse values but wills to be united ..
     I see more people confused as ever but willing to finish the task ....
     I see traitors who mask identity to keep their places ......
     I see silent audiences who ignore and just work as hard as they can...
     I see a system bleeding but holding on to values it has always stood for...
     I see good people who brings out the best of what they can do no matter how complicated things are ....

      I see a community still faithful to their calling ...willing to battle with the hardships of the coming semester..willing  to overcome the differences that prevails..willing to forgive and extend help to each other.  I am in a community where everyone continues to complement each other to make the day efficient.

       With all the uncertainties of the new semester...we have no choice but to restructure our confidence and values...we just have to ....because this quest is not for us is for the students who put us in pedestals...who shapes their values by even merely looking at us.  It is for them who remains to be the strongest reason for us to stay and continue our vocation.

           We will miss the friends who have left the work place.. most of them made the faculty room as lively as ever. We will miss the hands that once in our lives, has held us up and raised our morals. We will miss them who made even the most worse and boring RLE rotation as lively as ever. We will miss them who we talk to out of nowhere just to enjoy the company. We will miss them who were once our allies in bullying others for fun. We will miss them who had great contribution in our competency as nurses, no matter how we deny it or not. This is a peculiar road we travel...and it's nice looking and knowing that we formed friendships along the way. 

       And with that...we bid them goodbye...and 'til we meet again.


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