Saturday, March 2, 2013

REPOST FROM a BLOG: For Mrs. Cynthia Villar’s Demeaning Statement on Filipino Nurses

In light of the recent degrading comments made by aspiring political candidate Cynthia Villar, the world of Pinoy Nurses turned red with rage. So here’s my letter to you, as a proud nurse of the Philippines. Read and reflect that you may find enlightenment.
Dear Mrs. Villar,
First of all, thank you. Why? For showing your true colors early on. You are now defined by all that you said in that speech of yours and your short 15 seconds of fame has now come to pass.
I am a nurse. And not just any nurse. I am a nurse of the Republic of the Philippines. And I’m proud to be one. As a nurse, I have come to know of the hardships, trials and difficulties that my fellow pinoy nurses face in our beloved country. It is not easy being a nurse. It takes dedication, perseverance and hard work. Most importantly, it takes not only intelligence, but HEART.
We offer four long years of our young lives profusely studying our brains to exhaustion. Some of us proceed to even greater heights and attain Master’s and Doctorate Degrees. We strive hard to get a job. And when we do, we work our butts off to SAVE LIVES. We forgo sleep, have little food, barely drink water, run around and barely rest, and squeeze our innovative minds to the fullest just so we could do our job well. We swallow our pride and clean other people’s messes for them. We give less time to our own families, just so we can give more time to yours. We face insults everyday with our heads held high. Insults like the ones you just uttered. Insults that degrade our lovely profession into something less than it really is. Insults that see us professional nurses as mere slaves.
As a nurse abroad, I tell you, it is not easy. We gave up a LOT to be here. We risk missing our families so much we could lose our minds. We give up being among our own people. We give up a HUGE part of ourselves just so we could provide for our families. Because let’s face it, pinoy nurses are too much unappreciated and under payed in their OWN country. Blame it on the economy, blame it on whoever, but the fact is, we are not payed enough for the kind and amount of service we provide. We are professionals and yet we are payed and treated much less so.
Here abroad, nurses, especially Pinoys, are held with high regard. We have a reputation for being one of the best nurses around.We care without complaint, we give good service, and we are knowledgeable of our job. There are many times when doctors come to us for help. There are many times when we are asked to work extra shifts, late hours, and cover difficult loads. And we gladly give it. No complaints. No nothing. Why? Because they appreciate us. Because they RESPECT US. We nurses strive to work abroad because we HAVE to. Because living off the meager salary of a nurse in Pinas do not provide for a better future or a better life for our families.
So why do we still do it despite it all? We do not do this on a mere whim. We do it because we want to attain the best that we can in this profession. We do it because we are proud to be nurses. We are proud to be of service to our country and our fellow countrymen.
We continuously give a part of our selves to others just so they themselves could live. For in actuality Mrs. Villar, that’s what we NURSES do. We are here because we need to be. We are here because YOU need US to save people. WE are here because you NEED us to be here.
So telling your precious pinoy nurses that they don’t even need to have a BSN because they only want to work abroad as a ROOM nurse and that they don’t really need to be good because they are only there to care for others is too much of a DISRESPECT. It is utterly degrading and bemeaning and we, pinoy nurses, do NOT deserve such atrocities. And by the way, there’s no such thing as a “Room Nurse”. Operating Room Nurse, yes. Emergency Room Nurse, yes. But a Room Nurse? Seriously?
So before you go ahead and talk on national television about things you really have no idea whatsoever about, do your research first. For unless you can care for critically ill, intubated patients, deliver appropriate anti-arrythmic drugs, know pharmacology by heart, and become one of the most revered nurses, you have NO right to tell us what qualifications we need to BE A NURSE. If anything, you should be thanking us for giving good service and making known worldwide how good Philippine Nurses are.
I am ashamed for you. I am sad for you. And I am sad for our government. I hope you see the error in your ways and correct it.
As for now, you are not getting my vote. And I don’t think you’ll be getting votes from other pinoy nurses either.
Concerned and Proud Pinoy Nurse
(I did not write this, I found  this shared in Facebook. I salute whoever wrote this, it completely denounces Mrs. Villar’s mocking statements regarding Filipino Nurses.
To those following my blog. Mrs Cynthia Villar is a Candidate for Senator in my country. )

Monday, December 26, 2011

Enchanted River and Tinuy-an Falls

     From dinner to a quick prep and off to Hinatuan, Surigao we went to the most talked about nature wonders --- Enchanted River and Tinuy-an Falls.

     It was a 5 hour drive from Davao in a Starex Van with us 10 sleeping all the time, except the driver of course. When we got there, an entrance fee of P35.00 welcomed us. And just after the cottages was gthe sight of the waters everyone was dying to see.

    The river place was more than a marvel. It was not exactly how I see it in images, it was MORE beautiful and breathtaking when I saw it with my two eyes.

     Enchanted River was too good to be true. The fishes were as clear as they are seen out of the waters and the blue color of the water was undeniably amazing to look at. It was creepy at first, but eventually the water will make you relax. Then at 10am, the fishes begin to surface on areas where there are people. You can see them around you, swimming but stagnant...eyes seem staring back at you as you look at them...they flock together waiting for something edible for them to eat though they don't harm people(well stories so far told so). At exactly 12 noon, all fishes take over the upper part of the water to eat.. people no longer enjoy that privilege in those minutes (after feeding, swimming for guests is again allowed..=) ).

Enchanted River for 2 reasons:

- many attempts to measure the depth, nobody was successful enough to do so
- in attempts to catch the fishes (fish length=my lower leg), the number caught will always be lesser than the count you expected you had

So the stories say ---- i suggest go to the waters and stare at the depth for for more than 20 seconds, and you'll understand why it's it was given that name. ^_^ *wink*                                                       

 There was an available island tour which we took around 10:30 am. The boat ride was P 160 per 5 persons and will take you to 3 places. We were taken first to a bar in the middle of the waters with the "pawikans" as their main attraction. Then we headed to a quite white-sand beach that gave a beautiful nature scene. We didn't stay long because we wanted to go back to the Enchanted River and watch the caretakers feed the creepy fishes.

     Tinuy-an Falls was a sight of beauty and dominating water power. We  went there after lunch. It was a 45 minute travel. 

      The site of the  cascading falls welcomed us right away.  It was cold and very strong. We rafted near the falls..we just had to..the danger was too tempting. The raft was not allowed to go under the falls. There are available life guards, but with NO life saving devices. So safety is self-regulated, make sure you know where the ropes are in the water. Now to see the biggest falls (possible for humans to go to) has to go up a LONG way (that part I hated the most). But like they say, "you miss half of your life for things that you didn't even try enjoying.."... that time, I stopped complaining and climbed up, no matter how agonizing it seemed. When on top -- the leg aches were definitely worth it.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Quit Smoking Quitting Cancer

According to a study sponsored by the U.S. National Cancer Institute that a number of diagnosed cancer patient decided not to cease smoking gaining support from the significant others despite of the danger it could bring.
 Ancient Egypt believed that Cancer was caused by gods. Early recording shows that in 1500 B.C., the oldest case of cancer was documented in Egypt. The said recording on a papyrus showed how they discover ways on how to differentiate malignant from benign tumors.

Nowadays, a number of researches are being done in order to find ways in preventing its occurrence or to promote and improve quality of life despite of being diagnose of having such disease.

In 2008, WHO listed Trachea, bronchus, lung cancers as the top 8 caused of death in the world. Despite of the effort of health care advocate in eradicating and finding means in order to lessen its mortality and occurrence it is still considered one of the caused of fatality.

Somehow considering the Theory of Nola Pender on Health Education that Disease Prevention and Promotion of Wellness should be the top priority before Curing illness.

One of the topmost causes of cancer is cigarette smoking. In a factsheet presented by the National Cancer Institute it has been found out that 7,000 chemicals can be found in a stick of a tobacco cigarette and 250 of these chemicals are considered harmful to human body.

In the same fact sheet, it has been known that there are 69 chemicals which one can have from cigarette smoking. Facts will show that both smokers and smokers could be harm by such chemicals.

What are the possible gains if a diagnosed patient would decide to stop or avoid smoking?

Maybe it would be too difficult to explain and convince that these gains are true. Cessation to smoking would mean there will be a decreased risk or prevention of secondary complication to cancer; respiratory tract will be free from any obstruction leading to easier breathing, in relation to easier breathing, circulation would be better and oxygen distribution to the entire body will be guaranteed, and of course the treatment will be more effective and Neoplastic medication will be more efficient.